Nottawa Township
112 South Clark Street
Centreville, MI 49032

Phone: 269-467-7835
Fax:     269-467-8845 

Township Board of  Trustees

Dave Peterson--        Supervisor- 269-467-7835
                                        Cell-  269-547-8340

Tammy Rigby-          Treasurer-  269-467-7835
                                      Fax-   269-467-8845

Bret Lutz-                 Clerk-​       269-467-7835
            Home (leave message)  269-467-9019

Steven Clark-           Trustee-     269-467-7063

David Davis-             Trustee-     269-467-7464
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Planning Commission

Greg Reed-   Chairperson     
Linda Allen-   Secretary        

                    Mike Deskovitz
                    Lamar Rodgers       
                    Mike Risko    
                    Ellen Robinson
                    James Schwartz
                    Brenda Chobot
                    Steve Clark- Trustee

Dave Peterson-       Zoning Admin.-269-467-7835
​                                           Cell- 269-547-8340

Ben Brousseau-     Assessor-        269-655-1144
Inspection Services

Randy Schmeling- Building-     269-625-3260

Ron Bellaire-         Electrical-   269-663-3429  
John Dobberteen-  Plumbing/Mechanical
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Nottawa Township

Centreville, Michigan 49032
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